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​Autumn, 2016

Chapter I

Jasmine Cheung's first abstract painting solo exhibition entitled as - Bėtter

Better Bitter - Bėtter | 很苦卻也甜。


The strange past and always unpredictable future seem to be pulling some of us into a step-back attitude towards life with the overwhelming uncertainties.

Keep moving on your feet while it’s ok to look back once in a while acknowledging the feelings you’ve had, this process of seeking might be a way to catch up with others in this complex world with different societies. 

Nights are not meant to be lonely if we can be nicer to ourselves - a slight sense of distance and blurriness from everything provided spaces for things to emerge. A human’s heart might not beat as strong as the younger you, but it never stops pumping until you die either.


this project begins the Taiwan tour from DEC,2016.

Chapter II

If you can hear the bitter sweet


Published on : Dec 12, 2016

Running Time: 8:43min

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