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Chapter II


Part one:  Stranded Whale (feat. Cicada) - Grey 

collaboration with Stranded Whale (a band), made a music video base on <Bėtter> to their song. 




Part two: In Between The Woods

- collaboration with Tomii Chan ( http://www.tomiichan.com/

Tomii Chan - Sharing on “In Between The Woods” :

In Between The Woods - is a progressive piece of music I wrote and produced for Jasmine Cheungʼs solo exhibition “Bėtter”.


While the exhibition (the Hong Kong one) has three stages - lights on,ultraviolets on and a blackout, I find this most crucial as these three stages are the technique that artist chose to use to deliver, making it the most obvious and objective existence in the exhibition. The song was wrote according to that. Then it comes to the actual music, and feelings implied.


While the exhibition itself and paintings provided a sense of calmness - as it would feel accountable to play a piece of ambient music to it (of which the exhibition did), so to speak, my perceptions to the artwork was somehow more chaotic and expandable. What a person might get from art varies and basically any interpretation is fine as long as it makes senses, asking someone for his/ her feedbacks on a piece of work is an act of anything but pure description I think. Thatʼs one very personal thing I had in mind as this song is my way to give feedbacks to “Bėtter”.


And the music. The use of aggressive drumming, distorted sounds provided a kinda Rock feel to the song, laying the overall tone down and improvisations of the drums and electric piano provided experimental ideas for the piece. I particularly like the part where the strings appear leading up the final section of the song - “feelings of lifting off from ground in a rocket”, to borrow my friendʼs comment, is a similar picture I had in mind for that section. "

Buy the song on Bandcamp :

Video Production
Jasmine Cheung - Director, editor
Acid Fong - Photographer

Music Production


Tomii Chan - producer, composer

Dean Li - Drummer

Mixing - Wena Ho

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