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< Yes-Jet-Lag (formula 4.0) 你好時差 (配方4.0 >
September 2021

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0832c746-de6d-4553-ad6f-ae8025b469ba 2_e

Producer: Jasmine Cheung

Public Programme "Art After Hours" for Tai Kwun Contemporary

Yes-Jet-Lag (formula 4.0), with two freebie supplements to help you pause and find peace

In her new karaoke lecture-performance Yes-Jet-Lag (formula 4.0), artist Wong Kit Yi will introduce her new jet-lag inducing patch, and ensure your safety and dis/comfort at all times. For people who travel a lot, jet lag is part of the very fabric of their everyday reality. But with the pandemic keeping everyone at home, there's no need to get used to new time zones anymore. For some people, this itself takes some adjusting to. So with Wong’s Yes-Jet-Lag, the jet-lag-inducing patch serves to return users to their normal sense of dislocation right in their own home. At a time when many lack access to health care and the ability to feel better, this product is intended to balance things out by helping the elite jet-setter crowd feel just a bit worse. In the meantime, she will be interrupted by curator and designer Prem Krishnamurthy, who will speak about punctuation as a kind of “pause” in language—like the linguistic equivalent of the world-wide “pause” as experienced during COVID-19. And at some point, an invisible mind-bogglingly handy tool will be handed out by scientist Dr. Richard Kong to help you reach your inner peace.

*An ultra-limited edition “Yes-Jet-Lag (formula 4.0) sample” will be given out to you if you choose to “fly” with us


藝術家黃潔宜的新作《你好時差》(配方4.0),糅合了卡拉OK、講座和表演。她將會介紹她新發明的「引發時差貼片」,確保你隨時隨地,安全使用,獲得夢寐以求的舒適(或不適)。對於經常旅行的人,時差是日常生活不得不面對的現實。但是隨著疫病大流行,每個人都得呆在家裡,再無必要適應新的時區。有些人反而不習慣起來,需要好好適應一番。黃潔宜的 《你好時差》引發時差貼片,就應運而生,保證用戶安坐家中,就可恢復正常的時差錯位感。當許多人無法獲得醫療保健,或喪失了舒適感時,這產品就大派用場,更可幫助經常環遊世界的精英人士,找回平衡,重新體驗一下時差綜合症。與此同時,策展人兼設計師 Prem Krishnamurthy 將會從中打斷,述說如何把標點符號視為語言的一種「停頓」——好比新冠肺炎期間的全球大「停頓」一樣。活動途中,科學家江潤章博士又會用一個方便得驚人的隱形工具,幫助大家達至內心平靜。


* 如果你選擇與我們一起「翱翔」,我們將送出超限量版「《你好時差》(方程式4.0)試用裝」一份。

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