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<LOUD 吶喊>
July 2022

Curator and Producer: Jasmine Cheung


This June, Art After Hours-LOUD brings together emerging artists with programmes of events that run from dusk into the late evening. In various locations throughout Tai Kwun, the human body metamorphoses into sculpture, noise becomes narrative, sound constructs space, and rap creates the written word. The artists attempt to reinvigorate the basic senses, to excite our perception of tension, to shout the dimensions of beauty in voices that will never die. Putting all the anxiety of an uncertain environment directly on display, they write about their feelings for home, open their arms to life with all its uncertainties, and embrace self-healing.

Art After Hours performances are staged in multiple areas of Tai Kwun. Audiences can move freely between these areas, enjoying the impact of sound and colour. This year, the programme will also feature improvisation, allowing audience members to experience an artist’s interpretation of his or her work in its rawest form.

Participating artists: Shane Aspegren, DAVID BORING, Jacklam Ho, Florence Lam, Luna Is A Bep




參與藝術家:Shane Aspegren, DAVID BORING, Jacklam Ho, Florence Lam, Luna Is A Bep

Public Programme "Art After Hours" for Tai Kwun Contemporary

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