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November 2021

Inside : Outside

brings together three artists who transform the external everyday imaginary into installations, videos, and sound performances which crisscross the indoor and outdoor spaces of Tai Kwun. In presenting emotional worlds in suspension between memory and reality, the artists explore a unique inner realm.

With a setup at JC Cube, Chan Tsz Man Iv unveils a family’s little-known life in Tai Kwun through the reshaped memories of her mother, with the past and future interwoven in the space. The story of a mother’s childhood is recounted, along with spatial dialogues outlined with her daughter. Members of the audience are welcome to experience the stage installation.

Charles Kwong’s Requiem, with texts by the writer and storyteller Yuen Che Hung, features performances by local musicians, transforming Tai Kwun into the intermediary space between past and future. This musical journey ventures into inner worlds as manifested through funeral ceremonies— rituals in the face of death. The work will be shown at different spots across Tai Kwun, both indoors and out.

Looping on repeat on the Laundry Steps is Erkka Nissinen’s absurd and surreal series of video works. The normality and anomaly of daily life are laid bare through CGI, animation and roleplay.

Participated Artists: 

Chan Tsz Man Iv, TAM Vun Kwan Rafael, Charles Kwong, Erkka Nissinen




Erkka Nissinen一系列荒誕又超現實的錄像作品將會在洗衣場石階循環播放,透過電腦合成、動畫、扮演等多種手法,洞悉日常生活的正常與失常。


陳子雯、譚煥坤、鄺展維、Erkka Nissinen

Curator and Producer: Jasmine Cheung

Public Programme "Art After Hours" for Tai Kwun Contemporary

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