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To Ching

I treasure every moment of speaking (swearing) in Cantonese, and I hope it gave you a taste of our hometown from your last time there (there must be many friends doing the same with you). I can’t remember our previous met was in Taiwan for the concert or the time we were enjoying the sunshine in the studio with my cat cat, but I can clearly remember the picture of J. and more sitting on the same couch after you, I hate that couch damn much, It was as if a spell had been cast and no one came back.

Perhaps you are not as upset as I do, I have no idea if we will be standing in 葵廣飲天仁茗茶(明明就是台灣品牌)together again, to embrace any hope will get hurt, and I hope you will get lesser hurts, lesser from your job, lesser from politics, lesser from the world, lesser from guys.

You have reminded me of being a 港女真喺好撚爽, I was always living my life like that and I will live my life unchanged!

The sun was bright yesterday, and you were brighter.


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